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Children and Pets

What you need to know

When the unexpected happens, it is essential that one or more trusted individuals are prepared to immediately care for your children and pets if you are unable to care for them yourself for some period of time.

  • Single parents are especially vulnerable in an emergency or crisis and must have the written information, instructions and authorizations necessary for others to temporarily care for their children.
  •  Once a child turns 18, parents will no longer have the right to see any of their educational records including grades, housing, finances, etc. without written permission nor will they be allowed to act as their advocate in these matters in an emergency.
  • Written information should include details about diet, medical issues, school matters, extracurricular activities, etc. for each child.
  • Written permission is necessary for others to seek medical attention for your children, talk to their teachers, have access to records, etc.
  • Emergency plans should be made for your pets.
  • Detailed care information and instructions should be completed for each pet including feeding and exercise requirements, any medical conditions or treatments, the name of their vet and all other data for others to care for your pets in your absence.
  • Pet owners should put into writing who they want to take each of their pets in the event of their death. Whoever is chosen should get a copy of the directive as well as a copy of detailed care information so they will be prepared to immediately care for your pets if needed.