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For People in Unexpected Transitions...

Client Centered

Planning is much more than just financial. Having important documents in order and accessible at a moment’s notice is vital, so they can be used effectively. You need to be prepared at all times for the unexpected.

We know how important this can be. In November of 2017 while traveling on business, our founder, John Pastore said  “I received an emergency call that 911 was trying to gain entry to my home. That day my wife passed away before first responders could get to her.”

That is why we developed the Emergency Information Preparedness Self-Assessment and this is why we present webinars and workshops on preparedness for communities, medical societies and other groups to help members be better prepared. Our goal is to help you be prepared for the expected as well as for the unexpected.

Unexpected transitions might include:

  • Divorce
    • This could take you by surprise and turn your world upside down. It could make you feel shaken and uncertain. We suggest you start acting sooner rather than later, but take your time making decisions. We can help you take stock of what you have and will need. We can consider the impact of taxes on settlements you might receive. Over time we can work with you to rebuild a firm foundation so you can move forward with your new life. Learn More
  • Loss of a job
    • Good planning should include a contingency for times should your income change. It might be time to go back to the drawing board and rethink what is important. As you research new opportunities we can help you understand how your new financial situation and benefits fit into your future. Learn More
  • Loss of a spouse or partner
    • When you suddenly take over the responsibility for managing your finances, the responsibilities may seem insurmountable. We can help you gain control by listening carefully, answering questions, explaining strategies and helping you make important life decisions. When settling an estate we work with your attorney and CPA to guide you through the process to help get you back on track. Learn More
  • Taking care of a loved one in ill health
    • Caring for a loved one can be one of the most demanding challenges you will ever face. You might care for them at home or even in another state. The demands could cause you to have to stop working or even lose your job. Our technology helps you monitor their finances at a distance. Working with their attorney and CPA we can help you develop a plan to protect their assets and their income for their heirs. Learn More
  • Inheritance
    • Should you receive a substantial inheritance take your time and don’t make rash decisions. First, understand the tax ramifications of the inheritance. Assess your financial needs and the needs of others you might want to benefit in the future. We will help you develop a plan for this new found money and work with your attorney to help carry it through. Learn More