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NCHCR Webinar Building Placements Using Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Presenter -The Pastore Financial Group

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  • “Are you recruiting for a non-profit employer who’s losing candidates to higher paying for-profit job offers?"  
  • “Are you recruiting for for-profit employers and losing candidates to non-profit employers where candidates are eligible for major student loan forgiveness/repayment?” 
  • “Are you ready to learn how to overcome these obstacles while being a better resource for your candidates and the employers you’re recruiting for?” 

The Healthcare Recruiting World is always changing. 

Federal student loan forgiveness programs could save some of your candidates hundreds of thousands of dollars, and play a major role in their employment decisions. 

You owe it to yourself, your potential candidates and their future employers, to understand when and how these programs can come into play. You'll be able to better position or tailor your job offers and place more candidates. You can deepen relationships, build more referrals and expand placement opportunities.

Pastore Financial Group has worked with physicians for more than 40 years. Join us for a complimentary webinar sponsored by NCHCR.