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Helping Hospitals Help Physicians

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Healthcare recruiting has become more competitive. Don’t overlook opportunities to stand out in the marketplace. Many young physicians are graduating from medical schools with over $300,000 of medical school loans. Helping a young physician learn how to effectively take advantage of loan forgiveness programs to eliminate federal school loans could show them your concern to help them. Taking charge of loan obligations might be their biggest concern when selecting their first job. Educating them while in residency could help them select their career path early on.

If you are a not for profit hospital or not for profit organization, Here are the ways we might help you recruit and retain talented physicians. 

  • Residents and Fellows in training. You arrange for department meetings and we educate residents and fellow on the effective use of PSLF to have loans forgiven. They provide exact information about their personal situation and we provide them a complimentary assessment of the impact of using PSLF as a means of having loans forgiven. It is as simple as taking 10 minutes to complete a confidential online questionnaire and meet with us for 20 minutes on a conference call to receive the assessment.
  • Prospective physician employees. You provide them a link to a confidential online questionnaire. They take 10 minutes to complete the confidential questionnaire and we provide them a 20 minute assessment of how PSLF could impact their decision to work for your hospital. With their permission, they can authorize us to share the impact information with you. This allows you to design an efficient contract that meets their specific needs. In turn this could save you money and build a stronger, more enduring relationship. This could be a no cost benefit that gives you a competitive edge. All you do is share a resource link with them and get them started.


Our Job Transition Services can also help.  

  • Changing jobs is not easy. There are many decisions to be made. We provide a concierge service for physician clients to help onboard them into new positions.
    1. We identify the decisions and steps they need to make along the way.
    2. We explain company benefits and help enroll them in their programs
    3. We build their benefits into an overall financial plan.
    4. We help fill benefit gaps with supplemental insurance coverages at discounted rates. For example, disability policies with loan repayment riders and life insurance to protect their families. Gap coverages can be funded by the hospital in part, in full or provided as a supplementary voluntary benefit plan.
    5. We coordinate benefits with their CPA and Attorney to work on a team basis to update their estate and income tax plans. When you move to a new state or when your situation changes, it's a good time to review your plan

  3) We provide physicians with their personal and secure financial website that is updated daily and allows us to guide them to make informed financial decisions, implement financial solutions and transition to new jobs smoothly so they can relax and enjoy life. 

  4) Want to learn more? Request a conversation, just call 800 228-4067.