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Household and Personal Matters

What you need to know

Whether because of sudden illness, injury or other unexpected events or because of aging, dementia, disabilities, etc., it's likely that some assistance from others will be necessary to keep your household and personal matters running smoothly for some period of time. This assistance is especially important in the case of disabilities, aging and other situations in which the goal is to maintain independent living. In these circumstances, it's usually desirable for multiple individuals to have access to the information and instructions necessary to provide assistance as well as written consent to undertake the instructions if necessary so you don't over burden any one person. Living Smart provides easy to use tools that allow an unlimited number of people to provide help when needed.

  • Providing assistance with household and personal matters requires written information and instructions specific to the particular circumstances and needs of each individual.
  •  It's especially important when living alone to have some basic information and instructions readily available to allow others to keep your household and personal matters running smoothly in an emergency. Even if you're married or have a live-in partner, when coping with an unexpected events you may need help from others for some period of time.
  • Instructions should be detailed, easy to understand and include such things as how to get access to your home, how to disarm your security system and all other instructions needed to manage your household and personal matters while you are unable to do so yourself.