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Physicians Approaching Retirement

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Physicians Planning for or Approaching Retirement

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This webinar is tailored to meet the needs of Physicians planning for or approaching retirement. Learn how to: 

  • Model and project cash flow needs for retirement income 
  • Align investment allocation with retirement goals 
  • Mitigate estate transfer taxes and costs 
  • Effectively manage income taxes in retirement 
  • Maximize Social Security benefits 
  • Organize your finances using technology,
  • Use it to make informed financial decisions. 

This webinar is presented in partnership with the Vermont Medical Society. It is open to all physicians.

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“Retirement is an abstract concept until it happens.”

You develop a routine of driving to work, interacting with coworkers and patients, addressing challenges and finishing projects. Then, you drive back home again, have dinner, relax, sleep, wake up and go to work. But what happens when you quit your routine?

Here's what we help you to accomplish:

  • Visualize the retirement you want,
  • Consider your discretionary and nondiscretionary spending needs,
  • Determine shortfalls and set realistic expectations,
  • Uncover opportunities that could improve your results,
  • Align and manage investments with regard to retirement goals,
  • Reduce the impact of income taxes on retirement income,
  • Reduce the impact of probate and estate taxes,
  • Organize your information using modern technology so you can relax and enjoy life.