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Welcome Letter

John F. Pastore
President & CEO

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What does planning your finances mean to you? Here, at Pastore Financial Group, we believe your vision and future endeavors are as unique as you are. We also know that the field of finance isn’t for everyone – and it shouldn’t be. Let us handle it.

We are committed to helping you develop your future, focusing on what’s important for you and guiding you to make informed financial decisions and implement effective solutions.

With clients from all different walks of life, ranging from physicians to business professionals, to people in transition or retirement, we’ve gotten a pretty firm grasp on a wide variety of services.

Plus, we serve the needs of clients in over 30 different states, using video conferencing to meet personally and view your plan in action. Communication is key, so keeping things in colloquial terms based on your occupational background and training allow us to ensure we’re always on the same page.

Our PFG Institute is dedicated to providing an educational forum specifically designed to help you take charge of your financial life and possibilities; we’re happy to educate you on the terms and strategies you’re unfamiliar with.

Our objective approach and big picture perspective allow us to present alternative solutions, helping you feel more comfortable making your own decisions.

If you want to know more about us? Just ask. You're welcome to contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting. Let's explore our services, what they can offer you and how we can help you define and achieve your goals - your way.

Warm Regards,

John F. Pastore
Chartered Financial Consultant