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What Makes Us Different?

Thanks to the convenience of video conferencing, we can personalize our services to meet your specific needs.

Unlike other companies who only invest your money, PFG invests in you - providing comprehensive oversight so all of your investments and liabilities are updated daily and made available to you on your computer or your smart phone. 

Our services are provided to PFG clients on a complimentary basis, providing solutions that help you meet your investment and insurance needs. They include:

  • Individually tailored services,
  • A personal and secure financial management website,
  • Comprehensive oversight,
  • Personal financial guidance,
  • Core client specialties,
  • PFG Institute

We work with clients in more than 30 different states, leveraging the use of online technology to enhance your client experience. PFG guides our clients through the financial process keeping you updated and on track so you can make informed financial decisions. Our clients can attend online meetings from the convenience of their offices or their homes. This saves time for busy schedules.

Reasons Clients Use Us:

  • Need a personal financial guide,
  • Need an overall plan,
  • Want to feel more in control,
  • Want to understand the field of finance,
  • Want a second opinion,
  • Need more coordination of their affairs,
  • Want an objective approach,
  • Want help making a financial transition.

Financial transitions may include:

  • Career advancement,
  • Marriage or Divorce,
  • Death of a spouse,
  • Retirement,
  • Changing an estate plan,
  • Receipt of an Inheritance,
  • Sale of a business,
  • Changing investment advisors.