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How Physician Recruiters Can Stand Out in a Competitive Marketplace

<b>The world of Physician Recruiting has taken a dramatic shift!</b>

The world of Physician Recruiting has taken a dramatic shift!

  • While hospitals are employing more physicians, it has become harder to establish new relationships with them.
  • Many hospitals are now using their own in-house recruiters.
  • For-profit groups must now compete with hospitals for new physicians.
  • And, the number of graduating medical students is in decline.

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As a physician recruiter, you need to distinguish your services in the marketplace to attract candidates and expand your network relationships. Pastore Financial Group (PFG) can provide you with a collection of vital and attractive benefits to offer your candidates and your clients... at no cost!

When it comes time to graduate and select a first job, PFG will work alongside your recruiters to help your candidates evaluate offers. We guide candidates in managing college loan debt, showing them how to take advantage of new financial benefits that provide for a smooth transition.

PFG consultants take the mystery out of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and guide participants to make informed decisions and implement financial solutions. We educate them on how to use PSLF effectively and coordinate it within their overall financial plan. If, based on a candidate’s circumstances, PSLF is not a great option for them, we can discuss alternative refinance, repayment, or forgiveness strategies that may still provide them with significant savings. You get credit for helping them. In the case of for-profit organizations, we can work alongside you to show them what it takes to be competitive.

How you can partner with PFG to add value to your practice:

  • Provide your candidates with a complimentary assessment to find out if PSLF might be an option for them (see options below). 
  • Sponsor and promote educational webinars and workshops on PSLF for residents, fellows, hospitals and not-for-profits.
  • Events may be co-branded while PFG provides the presentation.
  • Promote  your services with this value added proposition!

    Partner with Pastore Financial Group...

    Partner with Pastore Financial Group...

    Provide your candidates with a link to the Candidate Assessment Form (below). They can complete the form in 10 minutes or less. We meet with them in a phone conference for 20 minutes to provide the resulting assessment.

    PSLF is a government program and is subject to change. Keeping this in mind, we provide strategies that set eligible candidates up for successful forgiveness through PSLF while also providing flexibility in case a change in career path or a change in the program could limit or eliminate prospects for forgiveness. 

    Complimentary Candidate Assessment Form

    3 Ways to Use PFG Services in your own marketing... 

    • Share the following in an email:
      Do you have over $250,000 in Federal Medical School Loans? Learn about Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). Take 10 minutes to read about and complete a confidential form to receive a complimentary assessment by the Pastore Financial Group on the use of PSLF in making your job choice. Learn More (
    • Use the following concepts in an ad: Do you have over $250,000 in Federal Medical School Loans? Let us help you make the right job choice. Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a program that helps doctors get out from under debt. If used properly it can be a powerful tool to have loans forgiven without tax. The new law does not require you to serve in rural areas to qualify. It is an added benefit that many young physicians fail to consider when choosing a job. We help you through our alliance with Pastore Financial Group, specialists in helping physicians understand and navigate PSLF. Take 10 minutes to read and complete their confidential form to receive a complimentary assessment on your eligibility. Learn more at:
    • Insert this link code in your website:
      <a href=””>Learn more about Public Service Loan Forgiveness</a>
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    We look forward to brainstorming these opportunities with you!
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