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Learn Why You Need an Emergency Information Plan!

Emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice; while you are at home, in town or traveling in the states or abroad. 

Emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice while you are at home, in town or traveling in the states or abroad. 

If you are a long-distance family caregiver for an aging parent...


It is vital to have a plan that provides first-responders with critical information at a moment’s notice to help save  lives and provide designated family members with immediate access to important medical, insurance and financial documents in an emergency.

“I know first-hand how important this can be. On November 3, 2017, while I was on a business trip in Vermont, I received an unexpected call from my neighbor that first-responders were trying to gain access to my home because my wife had called 911. That day, she passed away," says John Pastore. "In her case there were no prior warning signs but I know there are many more stories like mine for long-distance caregivers."

This is why we developed the Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment Test for Long-Distance Caregivers . It doesn’t matter if your parents or significant other lives in a private home, a gated community, a condominium or even in a continuing care residential community. You never know when or where an emergency might occur for them.

It only takes 5 minutes to complete this evaluation form and could save a life. It will also make life much easier if you are faced with managing an unexpected crisis.

Take the Self-Assessment to see how prepared you actually are.

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